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Geographical Toolkit K-6

Geography resources – guide to picture books in geography, inquiry process, resources – NSW DoE

Geography unit starters – NSW DoE

Kitchen gardens and food technologies

Kitchen gardening for sustainability and wellbeing K-6 – NSW DoE 2019

Climate Change Stage 3 Science & HSIE (climate change) (old Syllabus outcomes)

Climate Change For Beginners Unit

Be Energy Efficient Stage 3 Science (energy) (old Syllabus outcomes)

Be Energy Efficient Unit

Sustainability Action Process

Earth Alive Stage 3 Science (old Syllabus outcomes) (biodiversity)

Earth Alive Program Grid

EarthAlive Resource Book 2013





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To assist with the development of student documentaries Field of Mars EEC has created a Documentary course in iTunes U.  This course includes a complete breakdown of the teaching and learning sequence and all the resources required to assist students in creating a successful documentary.

The iTunes U course will always contain the most up to date and comprehensive resources and materials for the Documentary program. This course can be used by classroom teachers who are using flipped classroom models.

To access iTunes U you will need an iPad, iPod touch or an iPhone and the free iTunes U app.

For more information on iTunes U visit

The course is available in teacher and student editions.  Click the links below to enrol or manually enter the enrol code from within the iTunes U app.

Teacher Edition   Enrol Code – J9V-2NZ-WJC

Student Edition  Enrol Code – JQB-XN5-DS6

iTunes U


Watch – Introducing Documentary video on Vimeo

Pre Production

Watch – David Attenborough’s Life in the Undergrowth.

Filmmaking Techniques

Watch – Filmmaking techniques video.

Watch – David Attenborough’s Say Boo to a Sloth clip.

Download – Documentary Shots PDF

Creating a Documentary

Watch – An Ants Life Documentary video on Vimeo

Watch – Making of An Ants Life Documentary video on Vimeo

Team Roles

Watch – Introducing Teams video on Vimeo

Site Selection and Overview

View – Videos and photos overviews of the Field of Mars Reserve

Topic or Theme

Watch – Documentary Topics video on Vimeo

Creating a Script

Download – Documentary Script Template

Download – An Ants Life Documentary Script

Creating a Storyboard

Download – An Ants Life Storyboard Detailed

Download – An Ants Life Storyboard simple

Download – Documentary Storyboard Template

Download – Documentary Storyboard Template – Scaffolded

Watch – Making of An Ants Life Documentary video on Vimeo

Download – Documentary Shots PDF


Watch – Using iPads in the Field on Vimeo

Watch – Using the Camera app on Vimeo

Watch – Using a Microphone on Vimeo

Watch – Using a Clapboard on Vimeo

Documentary Gallery

Download – Authority to Publish form