Days marked ‘Excursion Available’ are guaranteed as available for excursions at Field of Mars or other reserves. See example below.



Days marked with ‘Excursion Please Call’ are provisionally available depending on the site required and EEC staff availability. Please call 9816 1298 or email  [email protected] to check.


Days marked with ‘Incursion’ are only available for at school programs or for sites within walking distance of your school. See example below.



Availability of some special programs will be shown by the program name, eg Bush Christmas.

Professional learning courses are shown in blue.

Once you have selected your date, complete the booking form at the bottom of this page.  When you press submit the form will disappear and be replaced with a success message.  Field of Mars EEC staff will contact ASAP to confirm your booking. Please refer to the FAQ page before you make a booking.

Please call if the dates you require are no longer shown as available. We will attempt to accommodate every excursion request.

A maximum of 10 Non-Government Schools can book per term.

The centre does not accept tentative bookings.

Book your 2020 excursion or incursion now to secure your preferred date.