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Legacy resources:

A Local Ecosystem

There are three ways of accessing this new online course:


1. If you are using any device you can Download the whole course in PDF format (1 MB – Updated 15/12/2015)

2. If you want to set the essential chapters of the PDF course for homework then use these links:

  1. Introduction
  2. Study sites
  3. Ecosystem 1
  4. Ecosystem 2
  5. Historic impacts
  6. Recent impacts
  7. Abiotic variables part 1
  8. Abiotic variables part 2
  9. Abiotic variables part 3

3. If you have an iPad, iPhone or iPod touch you can use the iTunes U course. You will need an iPad, iPod touch or an iPhone and the free iTunes U app.

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Other Biology resources

A Local Ecosystem excursion worksheet (2017) (691kB)

Buffalo Creek Reserve – Information on Buffalo Creek Reserve and Sugarloaf Point, including history of the area. Includes photos

Study on the correlation between crab holes and crab abundance

Flora and Fauna of Field of Mars Reserve – This PDF outlines the results of a flora and fauna survey carried out in 2006 for Ryde City Council

Flora and Fauna of Buffalo Creek Reserve – This PDF outlines the results of a flora and fauna survey carried out in 2007 for Ryde City Council

Urban Bushland in the Ryde LGA – Plant list of native plants in Sydney Sandstone Ridge top Woodland, as found on Sugarloaf Hill

Human Impacts on Ecosystems 
Lane Cove National Park Plan of Management – This is a detailed an comprehensive document on the management of the whole national park. Scroll through the Natural Heritage section for management strategies.

Remnant Vegetation – A fact sheet on remnant vegetation outlining its importance, threats and management with an emphasis on biodiversity.

Weeds of Sydney North – Stop the Spread – This PDF identifies weeds in the local area. The site also defines weeds and describes their threat to urban bushland.

Dry Sclerophyll Forest/Woodland
Common Ringtail Possum – A comprehensive fact sheet on the ringtail possum.

Dry Sclerophyll Forests – Explains the characteristics of sclerophyllous plants and where sclerophyll forests are found.

Flowers in Lane Cove National Park – Photographs of shrubs in flower that you may have plotted on your transect, listed by the month.

A Local Ecosystem – Mangroves – A virtual field trip of a mangrove site at Port Hacking. Covers most of what was covered during your mangrove fieldwork. Provides explanations of concepts and terms used in your study and includes photos.

Field Guide to the Mangroves of Queensland – ePublication

Mangroves – A comprehensive fact sheet on mangroves and their ecological importance.

Sustainable Oceans and Coastal Zones – Contains general information about the values of mangrove ecosystems.

Interactions Between Species
Food and energy – Clearly explains trophic interactions: producers, consumers, decomposers, food chain, trophic level.

Interactions– Explains mutualism, parasitism, commensalism and allelopathy and gives examples with photos.