Geography K-6

Geographical Toolkit K-6

Geographical Teaching and Learning Framework

Climate Change Stage 3 Science & HSIE (climate change) (old Syllabus outcomes)

Climate Change For Beginners Unit

Climate Change for Beginners Movie

Be Energy Efficient Stage 3 Science (energy) (old Syllabus outcomes)

Be Energy Efficient Unit

Sustainability Action Process

Earth Alive Stage 3 Science (old Syllabus outcomes) (biodiversity)

Earth Alive Program Grid

EarthAlive Resource Book 2013

Feral Animals Stage 3 Literacy (Fox by Margaret Wild and Ron Brooks)

Feral Animals Unit

Closing the Paper Loop Stage 2 Science (products and services) (old Syllabus outcomes)

Closing the Paper Loop Unit


Product Road Map Clothing  Stage 3 HSIE & Science (interconnections) (old Syllabus outcomes)

Product Road Map Clothing Unit

Needs of Living Things (Teddy Bears Picnic) Early Stage 1 Science (old Syllabus outcomes)

Needs of Living Things Unit

KWL Chart – Smart Notebook Right click and select the download option

Living – Non Living – Smart Notebook Right click and select the download option

My Needs – Smart Notebook Right click and select the download option

Plant Graph – Smart Notebook Right click and select the download option

The Tin Forest

A strong message in the Tin Forest is that with dreams and hard work anything is possible and changes for the better can be made. By changing habits and making choices, the amount of garbage we put out to be sent to landfill can be reduced.

Waste and recycling student research links

Ollie Recycles – this site explains how to Reduce, Re-use and Recycle waste

Where does my recycling go? – fact sheet from Blacktown City Council

Waste and recycling teacher links

Why Recycle – hosted on TaLE, this interactive learning object explores the benefits of recycling

Your Rubbish Pile: Reduce Your Pile – this interactive learning object is hosted on TaLE

Storm Boy

Storm Boy is set in the Coorong, a complex lagoon ecosystem in South Australia where the Murray River empties into the Southern Ocean. The Murray-Darling River system is the largest in Australia. Drought and its high demand for agriculture has significantly reduced water flow and caused major problems for the river system.

Murray-Darling Basin and water consumption student research links

Murray-Darling Basin – good source of information with maps and images

Use of Murray River water – how Murray River water is allocated and used

Storm Boy and Murray-Darling Basin teacher links

Storm Boy – Australian Screen movie clips

Sydney Water – get involved – resources for teachers

The Story of Rosy Dock

Weeds are a major threat to the Australian environment as they prevent native Australian plants from growing and they destroy animal habitats.

Invasion of weeds links

Feral Animals and Weeds – clear information with actions we can do to stop their spread

Sydney Weeds – links to colour brochures with photos of weeds in Sydney

Weeds in Australia – an Australian Government site

Invasion of weeds and Rosy Dock teacher links

The Story of Rosie Dock Teachers’ Notes – these notes relate to the film and the


Stellaluna thought her mother was taken by an owl. The largest Australian owl is the Powerful Owl. Its prey includes flying foxes and birds, but mainly ringtail possums and gliders. Powerful Owls are sometimes spotted in bushland around Sydney.

Powerful Owl student research links

Fact Sheet from Birds in Backyards – clearly set out with sound files of calls

Fact Sheet from the ABC – with videos of feeding and sound files of calls

Fact Sheet from Pittwater Council – includes a list of threats and how we can protect Powerful Owls

Fact Sheet from Warringah Council – a simple one page fact sheet

Powerful Owl teacher links

Surviving in a Habitat – hosted on TaLE, there are four learning objects. Who Lives Here? and Who’s for Dinner? are most relevant as they build understandings about interactions among animals


Foxes were brought to Australia by the British in 1845 for sport. They are a feral animal that has spread across Australia. They are a problem for Australian animals as they hunt and kill them.

Invasion of feral animals student research links

Feral Animals and Wildlife – a simple fact sheet on how feral animals affect Australian wildlife

Feral Animals in Australia – simple information on why each animal was introduced, what each threatens and what can be done

Feral Feast – Foxes – information on the history, spread, effects and control of foxes in Australia

Pest Animals – lists the major feral animals and links to detailed information on each

Invasion of feral animals teacher links

Fox and Feral Animals Unit of Work

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To assist with the development of student documentaries Field of Mars EEC has created a Documentary course in iTunes U.  This course includes a complete breakdown of the teaching and learning sequence and all the resources required to assist students in creating a successful documentary.

The iTunes U course will always contain the most up to date and comprehensive resources and materials for the Documentary program. This course can be used by classroom teachers who are using flipped classroom models.

To access iTunes U you will need an iPad, iPod touch or an iPhone and the free iTunes U app.

For more information on iTunes U visit

The course is available in teacher and student editions.  Click the links below to enrol or manually enter the enrol code from within the iTunes U app.

Teacher Edition   Enrol Code – J9V-2NZ-WJC

Student Edition  Enrol Code – JQB-XN5-DS6

iTunes U



Watch – Introducing Documentary video on Vimeo


Pre Production

Watch – David Attenborough’s Life in the Undergrowth.


Filmmaking Techniques

Watch – Filmmaking techniques video.

Watch – David Attenborough’s Say Boo to a Sloth clip.

Download – Documentary Shots PDF


Creating a Documentary

Watch – An Ants Life Documentary video on Vimeo

Watch – Making of An Ants Life Documentary video on Vimeo


Team Roles

Watch – Introducing Teams video on Vimeo


Site Selection and Overview

View – Videos and photos overviews of the Field of Mars Reserve


Topic or Theme

Watch – Documentary Topics video on Vimeo


Creating a Script

Download – Documentary Script Template

Download – An Ants Life Documentary Script


Creating a Storyboard

Download – An Ants Life Storyboard Detailed

Download – An Ants Life Storyboard simple

Download – Documentary Storyboard Template

Download – Documentary Storyboard Template – Scaffolded

Watch – Making of An Ants Life Documentary video on Vimeo

Download – Documentary Shots PDF



Watch – Using iPads in the Field on Vimeo

Watch – Using the Camera app on Vimeo

Watch – Using a Microphone on Vimeo

Watch – Using a Clapboard on Vimeo


Documentary Gallery

Download – Authority to Publish form