Atlas of Living Australia

Australian Museum

Australia Hidden Treasures – WWF Report

Biodiversity for Kids Stage 2 Teachers Kit

Backyard Wildlife Interactive game

Bugwise for Schools


Department of the Environment, Water, Heritage and the Arts

Earth Alive – Stage 3 biodiversity program by Field of Mars EEC

Global Issues: Biodiversity links

United Nation Environment Program

Easter Bilby

Flora and Fauna of Field of Mars Reserve – PDF

Friends of Lane Cove National Park

Museum Victoria Field Guide to Victorian Fauna (app)

Native Fish

NSW Ecosystems on Show

Royal Botanic Gardens

Save the Bilby Fund

Sydney Metropolitan Wildlife Service

Threatened Species of NSW

Tree Day Lesson Plans

Wild Backyards




ABCs bird page

Australian Museum: Birds

Birds in Backyards

Bird Observation & Conservation Australia

Bird photos

Images of Australian Native Birds

The birds of Australia: in seven volumes by John Gould


International Environmental Weed Foundation

Weeds Australia

Weed Identification

Feral animals

Field Guide to Pest Animals of Australia (app)

Aussie Bee

Australian Insect Farm

Bugs – Museum Victoria

Bug Catcher – interactive game

Bugwise for Schools – Australian Museum

Collecting insects – Queensland Museum

Identifying insects – Queensland Museum

Insects – Australian Museum

Interactive Invertebrate Key – CSIRO

Phasmids – multitouch book


Books about Spiders

Find a  Spider Guide

Spider ID Guide – Museum Victoria

Spiders of Australia

Spiders – Australian Museum

Web2Spider Toolkit for Schools – Australian Museum

Alternative Energy Association – fantastic magazine and website devoted to green and renewable technology

Climate Change Mind Map

Connect – Co2 on the way to school

Cooling Your Classroom PDF – DEC Intranet only

DET Assets Management – Energy – DEC intranet only

DET Assets Management – Environment and Sustainability – DEC intranet only

DET Assets Management – Solar in Schools Program – DEC intranet only

Energy Efficiency Centre

Energy Management in NSW Schools PDF – DEC Intranet only

Energy reduction mind map

Living Sustainably – Energy

NABERS – National Australian Built Environment Rating System

National Solar in Schools Program

Save Power – NSW Government Energy Campaign

Sustainable Schools Website – Energy

Thermal Performance – What improvements can be made to your buildings? – DEC intranet only

Composting and Recycling – UK Site

Compost Tips

Easy Recycling Guide PDF

I think… Rubbish – DEC Intranet TaLe

Large Worm Farms

Living Sustainably – waste

No Plastic Bags

The Story of Stuff – very US centric but thought provoking website on consumerism and sustainability

What the World Eats Part 1 – a  look at food consumption around the world

What the World Eats Part 2

Why Recycle – DEC Intranet – learning object from TaLe

Your Rubbish Pile – DEC INtranet – learning object from TaLe